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Enter a new genre with “The Watersuite“, neither boat nor villa yet encompassing both with a design that delivers just what you need for your vacation or working remotely, near yet far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our ‘Escape Edition’ provides 180m2 (1850 sqft) of resort-style space you do not usually get from an 18m (60 ft) craft.

Our background in building high-end resorts shows in our craft layouts and the materials we use. We adopt the same high-tech modularised assembly processes and globally sourced components to give an efficient proprietary build system you would normally expect on larger commercial vessels.

Imagine the possibilities of owning your own waterscape space uncoupled from the waterfront real state.

Our much-anticipated nautilus watersuite “ escape edition “ is in the final stages of engineering simulations. In early 2022 we will build a limited run of units assembled and deployed in Singapore.

In mid-2022 we expect the first build to commence in several regions via our licensed builder and reseller network. Please contact us if you are an individual or organisation keen on learning more about nautilus watersuites.

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